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Mrs. Jevbe Utho
Mrs. Jevbe Utho Founder/Creative Director

Meet Our Creative Director

Jevbe Utho (pronounced Jewe Utoh) is a Nigerian born citizen from Delta State. She has a BSC in Sociology and a Diploma in Business Methods. Mrs. Utho had always been interested Fashion from childhood, but it was while studying for her Sociology degree that she discovered a deep love for Fashion Designing. She began training under Mr. Shina Ademolekan, and later completed internships with fashion designing outfits “House of Reflections” and “Arrowhead”.

Her vision is “to make Finicky Stitches a global leader in the Fashion industry worldwide, known for quality, uniqueness, and excellence.”

A happily married mother of three, she is firmly committed to empowering the youth through the programs she runs at Finicky Stitches and her church. She plans for Finicky Stitches to grow beyond local borders and has already achieved this by participating in multiple design shows, the most recent being the Miami Fashion week in Florida, U.S.A.


Finicky Stitches began as a business enterprise in 1987 and was formally registered as a limited liability company in 1997.

Primarily focused on Women’s wear, the Finicky brand aims to bring out the “Royalty in Women.” Finicky clothes feature unique and haute couture pieces that reflect the client’s personal style and give the wearer confidence in the knowledge that they will always stand out in their elegance.

In its aim to empower Women, the company began successfully training and mentoring upcoming designers and tailors. Finicky Stitches is also a proud member of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN).

Over the years, Finicky Stitches has participated in various fashion shows and exhibitions in countries across Africa and the U.S., some of which are listed below:

  • Ikoyi Club Exhibition – Nigeria
  • Finicky Stitches New Line Exhibition – Nigeria
  • Cofest Runway Show – Nigeria
  • Nigerian Trade Mission Exhibition – Botswana
  • Nigerian Trade Mission Exhibition – Zimbabwe
  • Nigerian Trade Mission Exhibition – Mozambique
  • Nigerian Trade Mission Exhibition – South Africa
  • SAITEX International Trade Exhibition – South Africa
  • ECOWAS Trade Fair – Togo
  • Exquisite Magazine Runway Show – Nigeria
  • Red, Bold, & Jazzy Runway Show – Nigeria
  • Oge Runway Show – Nigeria
  • Oge Runway Show – Nigeria
  • City People Magazine Runway Show – Nigeria
  • Finicky Stitches new line Exhibition – Nigeria
  • Runway Collaboration Finicky Stitches & Gems of Nubia Jewelry – Nigeria
2011 – Present

  • Lagos Chamber of Commerce Runway Show – Nigeria
  • World Association of Small and Medium enterprises Exhibition – Ghana
  • PW Art & Design Competition Winner – Nigeria
  • Edo State Fashion Week – Nigeria
  • South Africa 2014 Exhibition – Johannesburg
  • FADAN Monthly Magazine Exhibition – Nigeria
  • Miami Fashion Week – U.S.A
  • Nigerian Tourism & Culture Week – Nigeria
  • NTFS Runway Show 15&16 – Nigeria
  • Delta State Anniversary Exhibition – Nigeria
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Finicky brand aims to bring out the “Royalty in Women.”

Our clothes feature unique and haute couture pieces that reflect the client’s personal style
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